Legal and Mediation Services

The Contour team consists of several highly credentialed and well recognised engineering experts. As a result of this expertise, Contour are often engaged to provide expert advice and have experience in providing advice in areas including environmental, civil, flooding & drainage, and structural matters.

We are also capable of providing advice to land-owners and lawyers alike in regard to legally binding agreements involving royalties, leases, environmental considerations, realignments, make good and rehabilitation.

By way of example Director, Brett Thompson has had experience in giving evidence in a range of very diverse areas, including:

  • Road design and impact of road-kill on fauna
  • Biobanking and offset strategies
  • Animal home range
  • Cane toad invasion and control
  • Impact of habitat fragmentation on flora and fauna
  • Use of artificial water storages by international migratory wading birds
  • Golf course management

Legal and Mediation Services Examples:

Hydrogeological data and numerical modelling

Contour was called to provide expert advice in relation to a range of hydrogeological data and numerical modelling. We were required to provide an analysis of the impact of mine dewatering on regional water supplies, in particular the impact on farm bores.
Contour was involved in giving expert evidence in a hearing involving the granting of a mining lease.

Impact on groundwater regime

In this case an impact assessment was taken of a proposed sand and gravel quarry in the alluvium of the Sandy Creek valley. A water balance of the operations was prepared to assess groundwater inflow to the pit and the impact on the groundwater regime. Contour appeared as an expert witness in the Land and Environment on this matter.

For any of your technical or legal requirements when an expert is required to give advice or evidence, feel free to call us.