Civil Engineering

Contour has a specialised team of civil engineers and offer a range of services to our clients. The Contour team’s expertise includes project conception, feasibility, planning and design, founded on development practicality, economic viability and familiarity with requirements of local authorities. From subdivisional design, through to 200-hectare master planned communities. The team has been involved in numerous developments from the concept planning stage through to completion of construction. Their expertise includes project management, planning, detailed design, contract administration and construction phase supervision.

Our core disciplines include:

  • Due Diligence Assessments
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Concept Planning and Reporting
  • Preliminary Assessment and Reporting
  • Detailed Design
  • Development Approval Review & Assessment
  • Design and Construction Phase Services
  • Bulk Earthworks Design
  • Urban Planning and Renewal
  • Highway Engineering
  • Roadworks and Drainage
  • Water Supply Networks
  • Gravity Sewer Mains, Pump Stations and Rising Mains
  • Streetscaping and Road Rehabilitation
  • Flood level analyses, stormwater detention, drainage design

Civil Engineering Job Examples:

Eumundi Tennis Club

Contour was the lead consultant that covered the full replacement of the 4 x tennis courts at the Eumundi Tennis Club.

Contour provided structural and civil engineering services in-house, and we outsourced the building certification to our long-term sub-consultant. Our pavement design was required to take into account the very poor in-situ subgrade material.

We understand that the construction cost of this project was in the vicinity of $750,000.

The Sheds at Brendale

“The Sheds” is a contemporary foodie facility, which will ultimately provide an outlet to boutique retailers in one location in the heart of Brendale. Contour have great pride in being apart of this innovative project, which will form a landmark development in this industrial area.

Contour’s RPEQ Engineers undertook the design and supervision of the concrete footings – the position of the footings constrained by old infrastructure and degraded pipework, due to the demolition of the old industrial sheds – and structural inspections of the portal frames, certifying the product at completion of works.

Finally, Contour obtained the legislative approvals from Unitywater via the Accreditation and Certification Scheme, allowing us to dictate the timing associated with the water and sewer connections.

Visit The Sheds at Brendale Website

Horizons North

Contour has provided Civil Engineering services to this 100 lot, $32M residential development from concept planning and approval through to detailed design and construction supervision/contract administration. 

The design was particularly challenging as allotments needed to be purposefully benched to provide slab-on-ground building sites on 15-25% natural ground. The development has received praise from numerous sources.

Moreton Bay Central Sports Complex Soccer Facilities Construction Stage 1

Contour provided extensive concept planning, detailed design and construction phase services for this major 65 Hectare sports venue. 

Our Civil and Structural engineering services also included Project Management on behalf of Moreton Bay Regional Council.

The project included numerous significant design factors including bulk earthworks, water harvesting and re-use, sewage pump station, roadways, parking areas, stormwater management and flooding.

La Precinct, Morayfield

This 3 Hectare $25M commercial project included a range of products including service station, drive-thru restaurants, shopping, retail showrooms and service industry. 

Contour provided intensive Civil and Structural engineering services from concept planning through the construction phase works. 

The scope of works included initial feasibility and MCU approvals, through to extensive bulk earthworks, intricate internal roadway and services design, plus external TMR road upgrading.

Gumtree Pocket Court

This niche $4M infill development consisted of 15 small (300m²) allotments. Contour was involved from initial project feasibility and planning, through to detailed design and construction. 

The project required a Plan of Development due to the restricted allotment frontages and narrow road reserve. 

The compactness of the project increased the complexity of the design when considering services, stormwater conveyance and treatment, as well as parking and pedestrian connectivity.   

1-25 Bigmor Drive, Elimbah

Contour was engaged by a private developer to provide detailed civil infrastructure design to facilitate the creation of 9 rural residential lots.  The project required detailed design of a cul-de-sac road, bio-retention basin discharging to a waterway through the site and water reticulation.  

Contour undertook the design of these roads in-line with Council standards, including Austroads, with our design covering alignment geometry, line marking and signage, intersections and longitudinal stormwater drainage.  

Additionally, Contour undertook the design of the bioretention basin in accordance with Council standards, including the Bioretention technical guidelines, to provide an efficient solution for a sensitive site.  

20-22 Macaranga St, Marsden

Contour was engaged by a private developer to provide detailed civil infrastructure design to facilitate the creation of 6 urban residential lots. 

The project had a unique layout requiring detailed design of a central driveway for lot access which incorporated the provision of stormwater drainage, water and sewer services and ensured electrical and telecommunications services could also be provided within the constrained site area.   

367 Samsonvale Rd, Warner

Contour was engaged by a private developer to provide engineering construction phase services associated with a 9-lot residential subdivision.  This project involved undertaking Local Authority mandatory onsite inspection and other inspections required to ensure the construction works were completed to an acceptable standard. 

Inspections undertaken on the site included prestart inspections, Erosion and Sediment control, road subgrade and pre-seal inspections, water and sewer reticulation inspections, longitudinal stormwater drainage and bioretention basin inspections and on maintenance inspections with Local Authorities.

The project culminated in the review of quality assurance documents, such as test certificates for materials and review of Closed Circuit Television Footage of underground pipes, and the certification of constructed infrastructure to enable acceptance by Local Authorities as public assets. 

1 Wade Road, Bellmere

Contour was engaged by a private developer to provide engineering services associated with a 6-lot rural residential subdivision.  This project involved undertaking detailed civil design of onsite earthworks, road widening, longitudinal stormwater drainage and water reticulation.  Contour undertook the design of the road widening works in-line with Council standards, including Austroads, with our design covering alignment geometry, intersections, and pavements designs.  

Contour was also engaged to undertake construction phase services, including mandatory Local Authority inspection, such as road subgrade and preseal inspections and stormwater drainage inspections, and provide RPEQ certification of the constructed elements. 

 Additionally, Contour undertook contract management activities to facilitate construction of the works, including preparation of tender and contract documentation and processing of contractor claims and variations. 


9 Macs Road, Highvale

Contour was engaged by a private developer to provide engineering services associated with a 3-lot rural residential subdivision, including construction of a new road. 

This project involved undertaking detailed design of a new road with significant grade within a geographically restricted corridor.

Contour liaised with Council during the design process to provide an alternative road profile, in accordance with Austroads, which was sensitive to the surrounding environment and incorporated effective road safety measures.

17 & 18 Semple Lane, Caboolture

Contour have been engaged by a private developer to determine a 14 lot Rural Residential’s impact on both regional flood waters, and on a Council arterial road.

Contour have used Council’s TUFLOW Flood model as a base case to establish the impacts of the development, and have recommended solutions to mitigate the impacts where necessary.

Contour have also utilised SIDRA Traffic Modelling to illustrate to Council the impacts of the development when considering a ten-year design horizon.

Kenilworth "Designer Dunny"

Contour provided Civil, Structural and Building Hydraulic design services on the new $600,000 Kenilworth “Designer Dunny”.  

This project was facilitated by Sunshine Coast Council to enhance tourism within the Kenilworth region and attracted in excess of 180 applications from local artists to facilitate the preliminary architectural design.  Maleny based Architectural Illustrator Michael Lennie won the competition and assisted within the detailed design phase of the project.

The new facility has attracted international attention since its opening in February 2020.  Sunshine Coast Mayor, Mr Mark Jamieson, noted what a great entrance statement this facility is to the town of Kenilworth, whilst opening the facility on 17 February.

In addition to the design process, Contour also provided construction phase services to Council on this project, which included on-site optioneering to ensure the design intent was maintained throughout construction.

Sunshine Council News: Work completed on iconic amenities at Kenilworth